segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2009

Sobre Dubai

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Dubai called the attention of all markets, but this major impact was ignored. So, I added this comment at The Economist website:

After Dubai
A financial sandstorm
The global consequences of Dubai's debt problems

My comment:

That Dubai abnormal building spree was an ecological disaster. China expansion is also wholly unsustainable. We are still waiting the day when people will reorient money for more sustainable and possible ways. A construction and car production moratorium are among the urgent measures that should be implemented to avoid a planet collapse. China politburo announced today that “China may extend preferential tax policies for cars”, that is, to solve the current crisis, all governments are expanding money and demand for more goods and services purchases, more projects to create jobs, without realizing that it was just this measures that created the current mess and a possible planet collapse.

Population decreases will happen against our will with the ongoing climate changes. Instead of pressuring other countries natural resources and ecological services, it is urgent to all societies to achieve a balance between this suicidal economic system and the planet system. The last system is much more important: it is a big mistake to believe that the economic system can be bigger than the planet, as all economic fields propose and this absurd is defended by Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz and others. We are Nature dependent, vulnerable animal specie and this never changed at all. Earth gives the rules, now we will have to adapt to our own mistakes.

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