quinta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2013

Not to have doubts about how shale gas was welcomed in America...

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From Project Syndicate where sit economautists or economechanists (a hybrid of autism, mechanicism and economics that are undermining the children´s future):

Still, there are often-overlooked reasons for optimism about America’s future potential growth. A recent McKinsey Global Institute study identifies five mutually reinforcing “game changers” that could have a significant effect on GDP growth, productivity, and employment in the US by 2020: shale energy, big-data analytics, exports in knowledge-intensive industries, infrastructure investment, and talent development. Two of these – shale energy and big-data analytics – build on ongoing technological breakthroughs in which the US has a strong lead and depend primarily on private-sector action, not macroeconomic or structural policies.

To our delight, full text can be seen in this web address: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/america-s-next-growth-engines-by-laura-tyson

If you have doubts about how growthmania works as the sole commander-in-chief around the world, take a look in the other bright papers there…

Hugo Penteado

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