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Entropy, Negentropy and Our Moral Imagination

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Dear James,

Wonderful text. Based on consciousness, we do not need more than a small house, we do not need a car, we can use a bike and our feet to go on, we can eat less and no meat, we do not need useless trips to foreign countries just to see, instead of learn new cultures or contribute, we do not need to have more than the others, we do not need to envy the richest, politicians or celebrities, unless they do real good for humankind (but they don´t do). Maybe a consciousness jump will happen, but meanwhile what we see is no change in mind that can stop the madness we created. Maybe the superclass that rules the world will realize that Earth is a Titanic with no lifeboats. Maybe the superclass will understand that on Earth we are all one and everyone is equally vulnerable.

The rest of us is just trying to survive accordingly to oppressive rules in a world comanded by militarized plutocracies. Who is going to be able to change the rules, except the superclass? And what are superclass goals, except boost economic wealth concentrated entropic growth in a finite world, despite of Nicholas Georgescu Roegen and Ilya Prigogine?

The only solution is downsize us, cut the huge waste (in food, in energy, in everything), stop the throwaway economic system, stop population growth (each day more than 200 thousand people in the planet dining room), abolish immoral human poverty by a new system. We are very away from this change.

What can stop the mechanic myths embedded in every economic school and the ingenuous belief that economic system can be bigger than Earth, a stupid idea defended by Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman and many others? What can knock down the idea of unlimited Nature and territories through technologies, intended to be Nature dominant? A huge global catastrophe? Because environmental collapses never happened in rich developed countries, like US, because international trade enable to export at a null cost this collapse for the entire world.

After changing ourselves, we have to pray for a real change in our world that effectively depend on each one.


Hugo from Brazil where Amazon forest is being burned alive here and in many South American countries to supply with raw materials and ecological services the environmental exhausted rich and overpopulated countries

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