quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2012

Economic collapse

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Sorry to say, but in this current economic model, jobs will not improve, just the opposite. While we do not have social companies, focused in promoting people´s freedom, participation, well being and while the current business model is  focused in destroy other´s people ways of lives, we are going nowhere.

What we need is a radical change from this economic model, that is socially destructive and it is also facing a huge setback for not respecting planet boundaries.

Humankind reached its worst moment in history.  What is being decided is not helping to revert the current disruption.  In fact, what governments are doing in keeping the same model is increasing the damages.  There is no future for an economic model based on eternal growth based mainly in stupid and unconscious consumption financed by debt viable by fiat money.   It was not always so, this happened to be the common way only in the last five decades.

We have a chance, but only if we tear up economic textbooks and decide to use real science to drive our future.  It is time for the economists stopping being so autists and to face that economic theories are a complete failure to explain reality, just for ignoring overlapping dimensions of our society.

It is not the economy, stupid. It is the theory that only is in place because pleases people less interested i n the future of humankind.


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